New York Times - Get At Me!

New York Times - Get At Me!
Photo by Jakayla Toney / Unsplash

I love playing New York Time's new-ish* word game called Connections.

But, I'm really bad at it. So bad that I've stopped sharing my scores with friends.

I often blame my terrible performance on the fact that some of the references are not "culturally inclusive". This is likely a stretch, I'm probably simply not good at it.

Anyways- my consistent underperformance was enough motivation for me to build a clone that centers Black themes, experiences, and references from across the diaspora.

Game Play From Black Connections.

Our version of the game is roughly the same with a few differences:

  • The puzzle frequency is lower (these take a bit to make!)
  • Some of the categories have pictures
  • We have confetti 😅


  • The code is also open-source and hosted on Github, if you'd like to see it here.
  • Feel free to email us or comment if you have any puzzle suggestions!
  • * NYT's Connections Game itself seems to be an unacknowledged clone of the British game Only Connect.